Removes Poison After Bee And Wasp Sting

Bee and wasp stings are common and painful

From the beginning of May to September, worker wasps are busy building the wasp nest. Then, when the nest is complete, they have nothing to do but fly around looking for candy.

They are a real plague for us until late summer.

Wasps and bees are everywhere: outside in the garden, on the beach, in the forest and even in the house. They are constantly looking for our food or our drinks.

If you’re not careful, you’ll get stung quickly. And, ouch, … bee and wasp stings hurt like hell!


  • 5 min up to 37 %
  • 10 min up to 58 %
  • 30 min up to 76 %
  • 1 hour up to 86 %

BEE-PATCH Smart Treatment

The patch is excellent for instant treatment of stings from bee, wasp, hornet and bumblebee. It contains a patented sugar membrane which removes the poison by osmosis. The sugar is not absorbed in the body and can be used also by diabetics. Both children and adults can use the patch as long as they’re not allergic to bee venom.

For more freedom always have your own BEE-PATCH in your pocket.

BEE-PATCH is medicine free, developed in Denmark and tested for Skin Sensitisation test and Skin Irritation test 

How To Treat a Sting With BEE-PATCH

First remove the stinger from the skin if it is still present. Then just add a drop of water in the middle of patch, place the patch on the injured skin. The poison is extracted from the small puncture of the skin by osmosis and transported into the patch.

In one hour you will forget about the pain. BEE-PATCH reduces the pain up to 86%!

However, If you are allergic to insect sting always follow your Doctors recommendation.

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