Performance Series PS 1000+

TREK’N EAT expands the range of popular lyophilised specialty foods with new Performance series PS 1000+. It means, in this series each meal has more than 1000 calories. Here are 6 delicious flavours for 6 extreme days.


PS 1000+ flavours:

  • Breakfast Porridge with Apple Pieces​
  • Chicken with Creamy Vegetables and Rice
  • Pasta with Creamy Mushrooms and Beef
  • Pasta with Mixed Vegetables
  • Savoury Rice Stew with Beef
  • Cheese Pasta with Roasted Onions

PS 1000+ features:

  • 1000 and more kcal / meal
  • ultra light, lyophilised food
  • for increased physical activity
  • 100% natural

Extreme values for extreme activities

Meals are light, but with a higher energy value. They are especially suitable for all activities that involve heavy physical exertion. They are also suitable for activities carried out in the cold. They are therefore ideal for mountaineers and extreme athletes.

The high quality TREK’N EAT products are made in Germany, pouch is waterproof and resealable, meal is simply delicious.

100% natural

No matter how you enjoy your outdoor experience, the next meal is always something to look forward to. Lightweight, convenient and easy are priorities and TREK’N EAT has those nailed. But it goes a step further in making sure we luxuriate in every nutritious, refuelling, lip-smacking bite. Unappetising preservatives, artificial colourings and flavour enhancers are never put into the bag.

TREK’N EAT meal is a ready-made lyophilized food mixture according to a carefully crafted recipe, to which only water is added. The preparation takes place in the existing waterproof bag. Hot or cold water is added to the meal according to the instructions and after a few minutes the meal is ready to eat. It can be eaten directly from the bag, because the bag is solid and free-standing. If we don’t eat it all at once, we can close the zipper bag and save the dish for later.

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