LYOFOOD is made of only natural ingredients

LYOFOOD comes from Poland and produce a multi-award winning range of freeze-dried meals. They are fast and easy to prepare, and healthy.

But is this really the tastiest food on the market as they say? If you don’t try, you never know. Choose your best meal and find the answer!

The basic arguments and some facts, they:

  • Consult with nutritionists and cook from carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients.
  • Cultivate some fruits, herbs and veggies on their own fields. Other fresh ingredients come from personally known farmers and trustworthy suppliers.
  • Cook meals before freeze drying.

Each LYO meal is freeze-dried, the method has been used form 1992. Because of freeze drying process LYOFOOD is preservatives and artificial additives free. All meals are clean label.

Made from 100% natural ingredients

LYOFOOD wide rang of delicious freeze-dried LYO meals

  • LYO EXPEDITION: main meals, soups, breakfast, fruits and desserts
  • LYO FORMULA: sport hydration system – SPEED, PERFORMANCE, RECOVERY
  • LYO BISTRO MENU: vegan, organic and allergens free meals ToGo
  • LYO POWDERS: single ingredients, smoothies and drinks
  • LYO EMERGENCY: sets of meat or vegetarian based melas for 10 or 14 days

Let’s see the whole range… and find the best solution for yourself!

This are LYOFOOD “secrets”

  • All ingredients are processed in-house: From freeze drying chamber directly on cross-contamination free packaging line. They never leave the facility until final delivery.
  • Each LYO meal is first cooked and then freeze-dried. That way meals preserve unique home-made taste.
  • All vegan LYO BISTRO menu is allergens free – a special range of quick and well-balanced meals to-go.

LYOFOOD is your best choice – anytime, anywhere

Using organic freeze-dried LYO fruits and vegetables is a good method for making sure you get all the antioxidants and vitamins your body needs. At home or during traveling, adding them in the cereal in the morning or eating them as snacks during the day could provide you with the necessary nutrients you might not get otherwise.

Everyone has their own aims and desires. Freeze-dried LYO meals are with you at all special moments in your life, good and bad. In the mountains, in the woods, by the lake or by the river… when you have reached the destination of your hike, tired, hungry and happy… or whenever you come back tired from work, when problems are piling up, the weather is bad and things become too difficult and heavy… In all cases there is time to sit down and have a meal that you will enjoy like never before. The food itself may not solve your problems, but a filling meal full of beneficial, natural ingredients will make you feel better right away.


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