Fast delivered energy for top performance

The Peronin® Plus Drink from Trek’n Eat immediately delivers new reserves without burdening the body.

Peronin is a complete food developed by Trek’n Eat that provides quick energy when it is not possible to prepare a meal. The drink, mixed with water or milk, contains around 430 kilocalories and provides the body with new energy reserves – without any feeling of fullness. The various components of Peronin® are absorbed directly in the corresponding stomach areas, no prior splitting is necessary. Peronin® Plus contains specially adjusted amounts of important vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and trace elements, which are designed for high performance demands on the body.







Strong physical exertion, such as in competition, endurance or outdoor sports, requires quickly available energy. Food should provide the body with what it needs within minutes to return to full performance: calories that can be used quickly without straining the stomach. Peronin® Plus was developed specifically for such situations and provides carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that the body does not need to break down for long, but can absorb immediately. The drink can be prepared in seconds and provides new power without an unpleasant feeling of oversaturation.

The story of Peronin

When the first astronauts flew into space, there was also the question of the right nutrition / food. Low weight, fast and long-lasting availability in the body, energy intake even with extreme exertion in exceptional situations and minimized bowel movements were the goals. The result was a powder consisting of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), mixed with water and then drunk.

South Tyrolean and extreme athlete Robert Peroni further developed the powder together with the German company Trekking Meals, today Katadyn Group,the number 1 in Europe for outdoor and expedition food

Peronin is a product available on the market today that is specially tailored for endurance and outdoor sports.

Balanced outdoor food!

Scientific research shows that the body can make use of less than 60% of the calories/joules that it absorbs in difficult situations (tiredness, cold, heat, anxiety). With Peronin, it´s quite the opposite, a usage level of up to 96% is ensured.

Peronin provides complete nourishment for the demands of high performance, with added vitamins and minerals, not to be confused with energy drinks. The powder, which consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) passes through the stomach in about six to seven minutes and it is then absorbed immediately in various areas of the intestine.

Unlike conventional food, it does not have to be broken down first in the stomach but it is consumed straight away. So Peronin provides immediate and lasting energy. Moreover, the typical post-lunch drowsiness does not occur, there is no shortage of oxygen and bowel movement is minimized.

Peronin makes sure that you get a balanced daily intake, and it provides you with a rapid supply of energy in every situation, without upsetting your stomach.


Energy value 428 Kcal
Energy value 1799 KJ
Fat 17,0 g
Carbohydrates 73,7 g
Protein 3,3 g
Salt 1,0 g

Robert Peroni, extreme athlet about his product:

Proper nutrition is vital for every expedition and determines success.
I have been dealing with this topic for many years and tried out the most varied versions on myself.
The sports nutrition Peronin has a very low weight, is light and can be digested very quickly. This means that if you have really exhausted yourself on tour, the body can immediately replenish its strength reserves with Peronin. And even if you lose your appetite after exhausting your exertion, the exhausted person also has the need to drink. Peronin is drinkable, tastes great and provides the body with the fastest available energies for increased performance – and this without stress. ”

No preservatives.
No colorants.
No flavour enhancing additives.


How do I prepare Peronin?

Mix the powder for a portion of Peronin® Plus with a little water, add the remaining water and stir well. Then drink with pleasure.

When and how do I take Peronin?

Peronin® Plus should not be taken before or after, but during exercise. Drink enough in parallel,  for 1 sip of Peronin® Plus 2 – 3 sips of water or isotonic drinks.

What does Peronin do in the body?

Peronin® Plus is a wholesome food that is quickly and completely absorbed by the body. This is due to the small molecular size of the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and the good water solubility. As a result, the MCT are digested more quickly in the gastrointestinal tract and absorbed in the blood.

Peronin may be considered a doping product?

No, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) have been intensively investigated and have no doping effects.

What are the side effects of Peronin?

On the contrary. With Peronin® Plus you feel positively motivated, all around well and ready for victory. In contrast Peronin® Plus does not experience a feeling of satiety at a conventional meal.

Is Peronin harmful to health in the long term?

No, no health-damaging effects were found even in trials over several years. Peronin® Plus is an intelligent, wholesome athlete’s food.

Can Peronin also be used for weight loss?

No, Peronin® Plus is not a dietary product, but was developed for endurance athletes who exercise above average. Peronin® Plus needs exercise and is not suitable for people with an inactive lifestyle.

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