Better in every way

At TRAIL meals are created of high quality with great taste and with 100 % certified organic ingredients.

There is no factory secrets or hidden ingredients. For every TRAIL meal the recipe is displayed, so that anyone can try to make them at home.

Made from 100% Organic ingredients

Made with love and respect for food and nature

  • Full of nutrients and very tasty
  • Easy to make (all you need is boiled water, depends on the product)
  • Easy to bring along (takes up minimum packaging space)

What makes TRAIL so special

  • The founders behind Trail – two chefs who are well known in the Scandinavian gastronomic segment, with a mission to create the first organic freeze dried food for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • In the gastronomic universe gives a certain pride in terms of taste, texture, nutrition and the visual aspect of food. These virtues and skills have been implemented into every Trail mail.
  • Low pouch with only one tear line. This makes it stable when setting it on a flat surface, but most important the low-profile insurers that you can enjoy your Trail food with a regular seize spoon, without getting your hands dirty!

Any excuse not to serve it?

  • You can eat your meal anywhere.
  • Use the pouch as a bowl. Somewhere on a trip or in the mountains you will enjoy with this delicious meal, you need just a spoon and some boiling water.
  • But at home or even in an office you can use your creativity! Present the dish like a professional Chef and enjoy in delicious flavour.

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